The Homeowner Manual will keep you involved by outlining several important aspects of your purchase. The steps are defined below that typically occur during the process of a new home construction. Please keep specified time frames in mind to insure that your home is completed on time.

Construction Agreement - The Construction Agreement and miscellaneous addenda constitute a legal agreement for Signature Homes by Adashun Jones, Inc. to construct your new home. We suggest inserting all signed documents into this section of the Homeowner's Manual.

Selections – This will assist you in the process of personalizing your new home with personal choices.

Construction - We invite you to tour your home with us at several points during construction. We also expect and welcome your casual visits to the site. Please read the guidelines on safety, security and work in progress.

Orientation –An orientation will demonstrate the features of your new home and confirm that completion of your home was at the quality level promised and with all selections correctly installed.

Closing - We have included guidelines to assist you in preparing for the closing procedure and the move-in process. The documents you will sign and other important details about the closing process will be discussed.

Warranty – Under this section you can find information on our Limited Warranty Services. Including guidelines, contacts and forms.

Caring for Your New Home – Responsibilities are discussed in this section. Familiarize yourself with proper maintenance procedures of your new home.

Feedback and Suggestions

Our desire to maintain open communication begins with the buying process and extends after you move-in. In an effort to improve the products and services we provide, your comments on how we perform are welcomed and encouraged. Our goal is to build the best home and customer relationships possible. Your feedback helps us achieve that goal.

We welcome you back and appreciate the referral of new customers.

Please tell your friends and family about us!